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January 21, 2008


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  • Keepin It Unreal
    I like to say I was prophetic. Okay, so maybe not. Still this is a decent piece on the beginnings of the end of gangsta rap.
  • Stanley Crouch Is A Gangsta Rapper
    Some fun at the brother's expense. This was written after he slapped up Dale Peck.
  • Confessions of a 30-Year-Old Gamer
    Here's a piece no one cared about. Meh, whatever, probably the most enjoyable article I did during my stint at TIME. Premiered a month before I got laid-off. The nail in the coffin? Ya think?
  • Rice, Rice, Baby!
    Haha! This was fun. After this, I got a bunch of wing-nuts on the internets yelling "Hands off!"' Too bad she's been so terrible at her job. Ah, well.
  • Compa$$ionate Capitali$M
    Me on Russell Simmons. fun, Fun FUN!! Seriously, I got to take a yoga class with the dude.
  • Just Another Quick-Witted, Egg-Roll-Joke-Making, Insult-Hurling, Chinese-American Rapper
    My first feature for the NY Times Magazine. Man I agonized over this one. Still, props to Paul Tough, my awesome editor on this one.
  • The Irrelevant Rev. Sharpton
    Here's me going after Al. I didn't so much have a problem with him, as I had a problem with media acting like this dude was the go-to guy for everything black.
  • Wal-Mart's Urban Romance
    This was my first real story at time. I was writing for the Business section, a real change of direction for me. At any rate, it's about Wal-Mart's attempts to colonize the inner-city. As much as I enjoyed this piece, I mostly enjoyed going out to Chicago, which is a beautiful, beautiful city.
  • Black and Blue
    This a piece I did about the cops just outside our nation capitol, in Prince George's County, a few years back. I wanted to offer a counter to the dumb, conventional wisdom that if you paint your police force black, you could eradicate police brutality. In fact, Prince George's--one of the richest, blackest counties in the country--also had one of the most brutal police force's in the country.